Frequent answers, and further information, FAQ:

In purchasing a set of images on CD-ROM from, Copyright and Royalty free means that you are entitled to Unlimited Personal Use of the images in a wide variety of applications, graphics, web pages, multimedia, letterheads, screen savers, desktop images, home decor, etc., similar to clip art. Your license agreement allows you to use the image(s) over and over again in your Personal projects. Not for commercial purposes, publication, reproduction, repackaging, sale, resale or use *(See License Agreement).

• "Polished" Images edited, sharpened, enhanced, re-sized, in .jpg format, no compression, maximum quality @ 8X10 240 dpi. (dots per inch) for those not able to "polish" the images themselves, these Images are created from a select few, hand picked out of the "raw" image libraries (see below). Filed in chronological order preventing duplicates as the Volume numbers progress. More coming soon.

• "Raw" Images straight from the camera to be edited, de-skewed, sharpened, enhanced, re-sized,as you see fit, in .jpg format as well, superfine quality, @ 1600X1200 2.1 Megapixels or @ 1944x2592 4 Megapixels, provided at larger quantities for those who can "polish" the images themselves, these are the images from which the "polished" images are selected and created. Filed in chronological order preventing duplicates as the Volume numbers progress. More coming soon.

• Purchased images are watermark free, no logo or registration marks as seen in any of the samples.

• Some photos are multiples of the same sunset in clearly different stages, angles, and or exposures.

• I suggest you browse the contents of these CD's via your favorite graphics program, thumbnail viewer, or slide show program, some screen saver programs will let you import or select a folder to use these images as screensavers or desktop images or wallpaper.

• USPS First Class Mail from Hawaii usually results in a 3 to 5 business day delivery time within the Continental US.

• Returns will be subject to 20% processing fee.

• Questions, Critique, feedback and suggestions welcome. For Questions regarding the Use and or Licensing of these images for commercial purposes, resale, repackaging, publication, etc., contact John Warford.

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