Greetings and Welcome to,

I established this web site in hopes of making available one of the most beautiful things I see and take for granted everyday living here on Maui, the Sunset, And Coming Soon Flowers too. My opportunity to share what makes Maui so special, at an economical rate for your own unlimited personal use, Please look around and ask questions if you have any.

    I, a Maui resident for 25 years, have the chance to see what most visitors don't, to see what most tours don't show, and to go places not many can even get to. I actually have an on-off road motorcycle and have been taking my camera to some of the most remote and inaccessible places on Maui capturing all the scenery for you and your projects.

     I've been taking pictures since I was young and the now Digital phenomenon makes it all that much simpler and easier to share. The Internet is upon us, and I hope to make profitable this endeavor to help finance my future. Only you can help, for pennies a piece you can see these sites and help me continue documenting the journey. will be offering other services in the near future, check back often. DVD's coming soon. Requests, custom commissions, and suggestions welcome, other Volumes to come, and much more. This island has so much to offer.

Psst, Wanna Buy a Sunset?

Mahalo Nui Loa,
John Warford

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